How to Setup Google My Business in 2020 ?

Creating your Google My Business Profile is critical part of Google Local SEO. It is an advantage if setup properly otherwise it’s a lethal combination if not.

In the pool of methods of Local SEO, there are lot more ways to improve GMB performance & setup Google My Business in 2020 (new algorithm) and basic profile setup.

Google My Business is an essential core element of local SEO, so it’s an highlighting point that just how crucial it is that your local listing data is accurate and up-to-date. Research suggests that 70% of consumers visit a business or store the day of performing a local search on Google Maps or Bing Places, such as “hair salon near me” and that 85% of consumers lose their trust in their local businesses search if they see wrong or inconsistent details or business names online, so you’ll have to keep your Business Name, Address and Phone Number, consistent or same all your listings, not just Google My Business (GMB).

Here’s how to get your company listed on Google My Business :

Google My Business Homepage


google my business setup

1. Visit google.com/business

  • Click on ‘Sign In’
  • Click on ‘Manage Now’ if you are a Current User of Google or already logged in Google.

2. Enter your Business Name

If there is any other business with same name as that of your business in your region, you’ll see the Autocomplete suggestion for business like you. This is to allow you to see if your business local listing already exists (avoiding accidental duplication) and to add a new location to your business GMB profile.Find my business on Google

3. Choose the Best Category that fits your business

It is the most important field that will strongly influence the needs & kinds of keyword search terms that your business appear in Google. This is also something worth to test when you come to update your Google My Business Listing.

Choose the category that fits your business best

4. Choose whether you want to add a location or not

This location will appear in the Google Maps and Google Search when a customer searches a category of business like “Best Beauty Parlour in Delhi”.

If you want your customers to visit your office or business location, select ‘Yes’, else ‘NO’

If ‘YES’, proceed for Step-5.

If ‘NO’, proceed for Step-6 jumping Step-5.

Want to add location on Google My Business Images-Pics

5. Enter your Business Address

Only, if you selected ‘Yes’ in Step-4 or previous Step.

Google My Business - Enter your address Step 5

  • Choose ‘country’ from the Dropdown bar.
  • Enter your street address, city.
  • Choose ‘state’ from Dropdown bar.
  • Enter ‘PIN Code’ or ‘ZIP code’.

6. Drop your location on Google Maps

This step should be dealt carefully. It will be the location which your customers will visit directly from the Google Maps. If this location is dropped incorrect, your customers will visit a different location, facing a huge traffic and daily havocs will decrease their trust in your business.

Drag and zoom the map and position the marker on the exact spot where your business is located.



Google Maps Images


7. Choose whether you serve your customers outside your location

To increase your Search Engine ranking on Google other than your business location. For example, if you are a business which provides its services outside its location, choose ‘Yes’. This will increase your online presence on specified location also.

  • If ‘Yes’, go to STEP-
  • If ‘No’, go to STEP-

Google My Business Outside Location images

8. Enter your Business Specific Areas (optional)

Choose the specific areas where your business provides its services or serve its customers, so that your business can be accurately surfaced for searches in those areas, even if your business does not have any physical address. One or more areas can be entered that your business serves.

Google My Business : Add the areas that you serve (optional)

9. Add Phone Number and Website URL

It is neither compulsory but strongly recommended by experts if you to take maximum advantage of Google My Business (GMB) functionalities like customers calling on this phone number or Call Tracking. Be sure that the phone number entered here should be same as that on the Website and other listings.

How to add Contact Information on Google My Business?Enter your website URL also. If you do not have a website, you can contact us on our mobile number (+91-7982918696) to get a beautiful website in a minimal price.

If you are a startup, you can also get  free website based on your info from Google. (This website cannot help your business to rank high on Google).

10. Finish this listing and Go for Verification

After completing all steps from Step-1 to Step-9, you will be redirected to this page. Now, you will be able to manage your business listing on Google.

  • Allow new customers to find the business listed by you with correct information.
  • Promote your business with photos and posts.
  • Track business analytics to understand your customers.
  • Respond to your Customer Reviews.

How to Finish and manage listing on Google My Business picsAfter clicking on ‘Finish’, Google will redirect you to ‘Verification Page’.

There are three options available to verify your business:

  • Postcard Verification: Most widely-used verification process and available to all businesses. In this verification process, a postcard will be sent to your business address entered earlier. It should reach you within 12 working days. After receiving postcard, you can enter the verification code in your GMB profile dashboard to verify the business. If your postcard doesn’t reach to you within 12 days, you can opt for new postcard, on clicking ‘Request Another Code’ banner at the top of the GMB dashboard.
  • Phone Verification: Only some of the businesses have the option to verify their GMB listing with their phone. Eligibility for this verification of your business listing will be known if you see a ‘Verify by Phone’ option at the beginning of the verification process. Using this process, an automated text message will be sent to you with verification code, that you will enter into your GMB profile.
  • Email Verification: Similar to that of Phone Verification, this option is also available to only some businesses and eligibility for this process will be known only if you see a ‘Verify by Email’ option. You will receive a ‘verification code’ in the inbox associated with your GMB Google Account. Be sure that you have access to this inbox for completion of verification.
 The last two options are for INSTANT VERIFICATION, which is only available if you’ve already verified website of your business with Google Search Console, or bulk verification, (business managing 10 or more locations). 

Suggested Steps
(After Verification)

Congratulations for your successful business listing verification, it’s time to optimize your Google My Business profile.

Now you can:

  • Write a compelling or competitive business description.
  • Add photos & videos to your business listing.
  • Add product collections to let your customers explore.
  • Encourage your customers to ‘Follow’ you on Google Maps.
  • Start replying and manage Google Reviews.
  • Use the Google My Business App to update:
    •  Business Hours, location, contact information and description.
    • Post blogs and pictures in your local.
    • View your listing search insights.
  • Use Google My Business Insights to learn new things like:
    • Number of people visited to your website.
    • Number of people viewed photos of your business.
    • Number of people called you.
    • Number of people searched for driving directions.
To benchmark your business listing’s GMB performance against others in your industry, contact us here.

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Setting up your Google My Business profile is simply the beginning of your local marketing journey. Competition is rife, despite how niche your business is, so it’s crucial that you just have the local SEO tools available to assist you understand your local search presence.

That’s true of your website yet as your Google My Business listing (remember that the Local Pack appears above organic search results for local searches and is just made from GMB listings), so you’ll need a toolset that provides you an outline of how both are performing.

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