Business Setup & Development - by Kajal Malpani

Want to start a business? – Top 5 Business Setup & Development solutions – by Kajal Malpani

Company Registration:

Our expert Financial Advisors and Chartered Accountants will guide you on how to apply for your registration certificate by assisting in online form filling, DPIN formalities, getting necessary approvals and applications and other requirements such as fees for company registration.

They will try to make the procedural formalities less cumbersome for you so that have may have a hassle free start to your new business venture, start-up or expansion of existing business too.

Ref : Ministry of Corporate Affairs , Govt. of India

Logo Design:

From creative, trendy and eye-catching to modern, professional and simple, you name it, we have it. Our creative logo designers will leave no stone unturned to satisfy your quest for a unique logo design. Pay only once to have a dream logo. Our logo designs will give life to your brand.

After all the logo is the face of your brand and this is how customers remember you and make a perception about you. Make no delay as this one time payment will lead you to a identity for lifetime and is one of the best branding decision that you will make.

Ref : Alkras Logo Design

Company website design and hosting:

Content is king and first impressions last forever. Your website is your identity in today’s virtual world and so making the most out of your online presence is imperative. Our expert website designers will design your website at a affordable cost with professional results making it a game changer in online world.

It will definitely set you apart in front of your prospective customers and clients. The trendy design, impeccable fonts and amazing content along with user-friendly interface will give the best experience to your customers.

Ref : Website Design & Hosting

Company Digital Marketing:

Internet marketing is the elephant in the room for all marketing professionals. And truly so because it not only spreads awareness about your products but increase your customer footfalls from all around the world.

The world is a global village and opportunities for business in India are unending and so our expert marketers and advertising experts will make your online presence worthwhile by enhancing brand awareness with increasing the website traffic by using cutting edge strategies for your growing venture.

Ref : Best Digital Marketing Agency

Company Lead Generation:

“We don’t want more money”-said no manager of any business ever, and we understand that in this age sales is the biggest pillar of any successful business. This leads us to matching the product requirements to the customers and here comes our AI based system which gives reliable leads to your company.

Our applications and software will definitely be a satisfactory lead generation tool matching your business needs and achieving higher sales in the long run. This tool is your formula for higher sales and even higher profits. From a possible consumer to a regular customer, our service will be the satisfactory happy ending to your sales targets.

Ref : Lead Generation Strategy

(If needed, hire a telecaller from us at low cost)

By: Kajal Malpani

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