Advantages of E-Commerce - by Nicolas Bordon

Top 8 Advantages of E-Commerce – by Nicolos Bordon

E-Commerce is a term that refers to the purchase and sale of products and services, through electronic media on websites. That is, it is a way to buy online and that every day grows a lot worldwide. E-commerce means electronic commerce and covers all businesses through websites.

E-Commerce is based on catalog sales, since they emerged at the end of the 19th century, as a way of serving and covering as many people as possible to offer certain products.

The most extraordinary case in E-Commerce is that of Jeffrey Bezos, who on July 16, 1995 founded the largest company in the world today, that is, the well-known Amazon company. So great was the success that went from registering sales of US $ 500,000 per year, in the first years of operation, to generate more than US $ 2,300 million in 2016 alone.

Currently, E-Commerce has applications in any field that involves data exchange between companies and individuals, purchases or acquisitions, finance, industry, transportation, health, legislation, and collection of income or taxes.

Electronic commerce has many advantages, including :

  • The largest is the geographical scope, since it is internet and being a global platform, the possibilities of expanding the business to anywhere in the world are very large.
  • Opening and maintenance costs are greatly reduced, since you don’t need much money to invest because you don’t need large physical or personal infrastructure to operate.
  • The customer can be offered the comfort of acquiring the product without having to make annoying rows or unnecessary paperwork. In addition to saving time in the transaction, both for the customer and the seller.
  • It is easier to show and offer a wider range of products, while offering more detailed information about it.

Some aspects that must be learned to deal with are :

  • The fact that competition in online sales is much greater than in traditional commerce, as any company or any individual can start a business online.
  • That many customers are used to buying in the traditional way, that is, going to the business and having the physical product before buying it.
  • In addition, there are items that cannot be sold as easily as others, especially when purchases require a large amount.
  • Shipments can often be paid by the customer and can have very high costs when the volume of the product is small.

These weaknesses have a solution when it is properly known how to conduct an electronic commerce business. This means that consumers can freely choose whether to use the traditional method to buy a product or access a website and buy the product from the comfort of their home.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce, do you want to create a website to sell products or services from your home? Are you going to continue using the traditional method of purchase? The answers are only known to you and do not be afraid to carry out these new strategies since you have to adjust daily to the solutions that the world market offers us. 

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