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There are some specific guidelines & instructions to follow while posting guest blogs on our website to increase your blog’s selection chances.

Topics Covered


We have interest in publishing quality content not on quantity content. These are some following guidelines:

1. Authentic Content

  • Submitted blog must be unique, original & plagiarism free.
  • Don’t choose a topic which has been already explored all over the web.

2. Length + Language

  • Language : English (US/UK)
  • Length : 1000+ words

3. Citation & Linking

  • Facts & Data included in the content should link to the original source.
  • Data should be accurate and up-to-date.
  • Linked web-pages in the blog should be highly relevant.
  • You can include link to the author bio back to your own blog, website or social profile.

4. Image Attributes

  • Try to attach required images relevant to submitted blog.
  • CAUTION: Never attach any image which has copyright issue.


Case 1: If your content is already prepared, send us an editable Google Docs link.

Case 2: You can send your post ideas with relevant images in reference to your previously published posts.


After receiving content, we @ ALKRAS conserve all the rights to modify your blog (if necessary) complying to the terms & conditions.